Marine Infrastructure

CARES has expertise in all aspects of the planning, design and operation of ports and harbours. CARES has a team of maritime and geotechnical engineers and oceanographers who can provide all the necessary core skills. We also have close links with selected specialists in ship handling (including simulation of ship operations), aids to navigation, risk assessment and structural design. We have carried out initial feasibility studies into new facilities, and also assessed existing facilities for expansion or renovation.

We have carried out hydrographic and geotechnical site investigations, leading to a full understanding of the site. We have also designed major approach channels into a port (including ship simulation studies and hydrodynamic modelling) and designed shipping channels within ports. Environmental assessment and approval is an important part of any port project. CARES has been involved in all aspects of environmental data collection, assessment and approval, followed by preparation of Environmental Management Plans and operational monitoring. Recently we have developed our capability to provide training in all aspects of port operations.

We have also carried out hazard identification and safety assessments to assist Port Authorities in complying with the latest Port Marine Safety Code.