Dams and Water Works

CARES are a leading body in the field of dam engineering, with worldwide experience in providing consultancy to the mining industry providing:
  • Hydraulic modeling
  • Designs
  • Feasibility studies
  • Restoration plans
  • Pollution control structures
  • Flood protection systems
  • Ground water investigations
  • Tailing dams
  • Discard dumps
  • Waste water storage facilities

Geotechnical Services

CARES geotechnical division can offer services in a range of sampling and analytical sectors, from initial surveys to clean up and long term site monitoring. We are also able to supply on site testing and supervision.
  • Geological sampling
  • Vertical mapping and analysis
  • Borehole Management
  • 3D visualizations
  • Porewater sampling

Social and Environmental Responsibility

CARES have over 20 years expertise focusing on the collection, interpretation / analysis and presentation of the natural, built, social and economic environments, integrated with spatially related needs. CARES experience also includes the consideration of environmental factors, client representation and management of environmental specialists and scientist involved in monitoring and assessment, and also providing commercial advice, preparing business cases, land use development briefs and strategic documentation including development & and regeneration master planning.

Mine Waste Management

CARES has extensive experience in the field of tailings dam and waste engineering, having designed and developed waste management facilities worldwide and provides a tailored, engineered solution and suitable geotechnical investigations to suit the complexity and risks associated to the project.

CARES is able to offer services from conception design to tailing dam closure, including the following elements:

  • Geotechnical site investigation
  • Physical and chemical characterisation of waste materials
  • Stability analysis
  • Construction scheduling
  • Disposal systems
  • Environmental permitting to country legislation
  • Closure and rehabilitation planning
We have had significant experience of working with conventional disposal methods including:
  • Slurry disposal to a ring containment wall on relatively flat ground with a centrally-located decant facility
  • Slurry disposal to a valley storage
  • Slurry disposal to a series of cells with tailings deposition cycled between the cells to facilitate consolidation and desiccation
  • Down valley discharge of thickened tailings towards a containment wall, located at the head of a catchment

We are able to integrate pioneering technologies wherever possible, in order to optimise tailings delivery methods.

CARES can provide both short term and long term monitoring plans for tailings storage facilities, both for existing facilities and during the design of new facilities. Monitoring provisions should include:

  • The installation of piezometers to monitor groundwater
  • Surface and groundwater quality sampling
  • Monitoring reports prepared at appropriate

CARES’ team of Engineers and Scientists work together with the client to ensure that the most cost effective and appropriate techniques are applied to their operation.

Current Activity

At present CARES are actively involved in a number of projects for Avocet Mining in Burkina Faso. Most recent is the design of a labyrinth spillway that offers a cost effective design plan, that provides a low maintenance solution and minimises construction materials required. In addition to this, CARES are currently designing the final deposition plan for the mine’s current Tailings Management Facility (TMF) which is approaching the end of its operational lifespan. We are also providing on-site supervision for the implementation of both the design of new spillway and the TMF.