Onshore Geotechnical

CARES provides consultancy and supervision services covering geotechnical investigations involving Cone Penetration Testing (CPT), boreholes, trial pit excavation and contamination assessment.

Site investigations are carried out in accordance to BS5930: Code of Practise and logging to AGS standards.

CARES maintains that in order to ensure an effective site investigation is undertaken, clear specification of the project details by the client are adhered to throughout the duration of the project. As the project progresses from feasibility study, through outline and then detailed design, CARES has the knowledge to refine and accommodate the conditions found and the site.

The approach adopted for a particular site investigation, its extent and the techniques used will all depend upon the site-specific circumstances, and the experience and judgement of those involved.

CARES are able to assist the client in the adoption of good practice, plan and supervision of a site investigation taking into account the constraints of the project, and appraise the information obtained from each phase of the investigation.

CARES ensures the control of test conditions, accuracy of test measurements, traceability of measurements to national standards, control of test material and repeatability of results.

CARES Limited has extensive experience in the design and installation of geotechnical instruments. CARES have experience in monitoring consolidation of soils, slope movement and ground water monitoring.

CARES provide supervision of laboratory testing to ensure that the correct testing is undertaken that will provide the correct geotechnical design data.