With the increasing level of concern with regards to environmental issues, whether sustainability, pollution, carbon management or climate change, modern businesses are facing a raft of new performance pressures and environmental sensitivity is fast becoming a focal point for companies wishing to thrive in today’s market.

CARES are able to offer a wide range of services to help your company develop sustainably with regards to legislation, as well as future planning, and social and environmental awareness. Our aim is to provide comprehensive environmental support based on a positive understanding of an individual’s requirements. We specialise in assisting clients, and their stakeholders, in the evaluation of environmental and regulatory pressures and provide truly sustainable answers to the issues they face. Our services extend from an initial options appraisal through to project delivery and long term monitoring, using our experience to provide expert support through every stage of a company or project lifecycle.

Our multi-disciplinary environmental capability is supported by an extensive network of expertise in a wide range of engineering disciplines. As a result we are able to provide clients with the following services:

Air quality
Asbestos management
Carbon management
Civil engineering
Contaminated land
Demolition management
Due diligence
Energy [traditional and
Expert services
Flood risk
Feasibility studies
Geotechnical engineering
Landscape architecture
Site investigation
Sustainability appraisals
Traffic Impact assessment and
Waste management