Coastal Engineering

CARES are involved in a number of projects worldwide where our expertise is being utilised to solve complex erosion, sediment transport, siltation and geotechnical problems. Our expertise covers:

  • Integrated coastal zone management
  • Shoreline management and monitoring
  • Erosion risk evaluation
  • Assessment, restoration and development of coasts and estuaries
  • Nearshore and Offshore Data Collection
  • Metocean, Morphodynamic and Hydraulic Studies
  • Littoral Drift and Sedimentation Assessments
  • Mathematical and scale modelling of sedimentation mechanisms
  • Assessment and monitoring

CARES’ Coastal Protection Design Services focus on appropriate and sustainable solutions:

  • Beach Nourishment
  • Breakwaters
  • Dual Purpose Structures (Concrete, Sheet Pile Walls)
  • Groins, Vegetation
  • Siltation control and management
  • All types of Revetment